Toffer Surovec:

Toffer Surovec is a Texas-based creator of things. If you would like to contact Toffer, a good email address is Feel free to reach out on any of the social networks listed at the bottom of this thing you’re currently reading. If you really enjoy the things Toffer creates you can become a patron at



Active Projects:

Toffer is currently working on these projects, but others are coming and even more have died.



Toffer dreamed of being a lyricist since childhood. If you listen to these you will understand why this dream never came true.


Grab A Little Tail

This 'Online Stationery Opinion Platform' started as a joke for an episode of The Erasable Podcast, but it has become slightly less of a joke since Toffer does have a lot of strong opinions about the anolog tools of creation.


I Deserve A Treat

Toffer sometimes deserves a treat. This Instagram account is where those treats are documented.


Little Line Press

Sometimes Toffer has a series of words that go together in a magical way. This is where those series of words go since they might never become anything else but what they already are.


Not Played, Not Made

A Twitter joke about not knowing if Toffer or Kanye West came up with presented lyrics turned into a website called, Me or Kanye West. That website died and now has been reborn as a Twitter account that operates without mentioning Kanye West—who Toffer doesn't know personally.


Spicy Bill Franks

Toffer was born and raised in the great state of Texas where there's a lot of colorful characters. Spicy Bill Franks is an amalgamation of these characters that should read more.